So…why, and what?

The why.

I moved back to the Colorado Front Range in 2017, my 3rd time living here!

I would look out over the mountains and wonder what their names were…

I have hiked about 1/2 of the 14’ers, but there were only a few that I could see…what were the other mountains out there?

In my search I found a site by Andrew Skurka that described a hike over these mountains:

The Pfiffner Traverse is a 77 mile traverse from Berthoud Pass to the Trail Ridge Road.

I thought this was pretty awesome. But I wanted to change things up a bit. I thought it would be great to start and end on a 14’er. So, the obvious choice for this was starting at Gray’s and ending at Long’s.

Now, if you don’t know, much of this route is on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)…but much of it is off-trail. So, it’s not something that you can just hop on and follow!

Now, this is not to say the resoures for completing the traverse are not available. Andrew Skurka has the definitive guide for the traditional Pfiffner Traverse, and I highly recommend it (see the link above). But since the route I want to take is slightly modified I had to look at some other resources…my favorites being and

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